Mostra Osteria de'Cicalini, Firenze

Opening “Affreschi e Graffiti”

Art & Wine & Food

Opening vernissage photo gallery of the past May 28th.

In the center of Florence, at the Osteria de’ Cicalini. Divided in two sections you can find five Poppies, in yellow, red and blue in the main floor of big dimensions. Downstairs in the second section of this show, by the “Cantina”, and bringing a shining reflection of light and contrast, you will find the Graffiti artworks. These peculiar ones, between the painting and sculpture, almost monochrome, in different subjects as woman, wine and cypress.
This is a sneak sneaky peek of what it is like, we kindly invite you to come by the Osteria and appreciate the best of Florentine art along a wonderful food proposal.

OSTERIA DE’CICALINI , Via delle Oche 15, Florence.


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