A chat with Roberto Guarnieri by Le Guide del’Espresso

We are very happy to share with all of our visitors the last interview made to one of our Masters, Roberto Guarnieri, by Andrea Radic from “Le Guide del’Espresso”, La Reppublica Journal.

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Bellow a transcription of the mentioned journal article.

Artist who found the courage of passion

In Florence there are two contemporary artists of great standing, the brothers Roberto and Rodolfo Guarnieri. They paint together, in a symbiotic manner, the brushstroke of the other, almost as if to complete, push and stop when the stroke is defined, adequate, artistically arrived.

They rediscovered the fresco painting proposing it in a contemporary way. Their works are successful all over the world and have conquered the United States, as if the Guarnieri were new gold seekers and fortune tellers. They left for California and painted there, creating Italian art abroad and enjoying great success along very good friends and clients.
We met Roberto Guarnieri in their studio on the Lungarno, a living place, open to cultural curiosity and stylistic contaminations, where work tools represent the artist’s manual ability.

Roberto Guarnieri told us about his art, passion and imagination. A beautiful story concluded with a glass of Chianti that his brother Rodolfo produces on his family’s farm, Torre Alberghieri.

by Andrea Radic

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