“Summer 2019 “

Gold leaf plating & Pietra Serena on Fresco Painting

732 x 250 cm / 24 x 8 feet

The new opera “Summer 2019”, Iguarnieri’s biggest artwork exhibited so far, came out to the light and in this article we will introduce it to you and tell you along an image story, all about.

The artists choosen a very peculiar technique to achieve such an important artwork. Using the Gold leaf plating on gray fresco painting surface, treated like “Pietra Serena” (a stone used for architectural frameworks in Florence since centuries ago, commonly called “Firenzuola stone”).


(Photo. Donatello “Annunciation Cavalcanti”
Sculpture in Pietra Serena stone – c. 1435. Basilica di Santa Croce, Firenze)

This new art piece is a contemporary interpretation of a very ancient artwork, which has extremely ancient roots and has never been abandoned.

It has been realized at the countryside studio, outside Florence, due to his enormous characteristics and mounted “en plein air”.


Once the painting was finished, after several caresses (as we call each layer of work), done the check of the six panels which conform the opera. Roberto, Rodolfo and Romano proceeded to the actual destination, “Villa San Michele”, for the assembling and mount of the giant opera.

In addition to, Summer 2019 is now days the largest opera realized on mobile support and exhibited of the Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri artist.

Belmond Villa San Michele, by the Fiesole hills of Florence, as you all know is host of this piece as well as an important serie of Iguarnieri contemporary fresco paintings artworks, which of course is open to the public to visit and you may check HERE.

 Via Doccia 4, 50014 Fiesole, FL. For more information Tel.:055 567 8200


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