iguarnieri, florentine artist

Australia Painting Tour 2019

Gold Coast – Brisbane

November 1st – December 7th

This is the promo video for the upcoming tour of our main Masters Roberto and Rodolfo Guarnieri.

During the period mentioned above they will meet and settle up different painting encounters.

Everything will be defined and finally communicated once they land in Brisbane. But what we can tell you now they’ll paint on site, do some art experiences and of course touring and make the most remarkable Australian frescoes!

Hosted by Joanne Ellings, a wonderful person, client and friend of us who bought some very special pieces and also attended to several art workshops at the Bottega, now she decided to introduce her Australia to the Iguarnieri.

Throughout this time the Artist are open to meet and share their philosophy and art. So do not hesitate to write us and keep updated for more details, as always, as the tour is on the road!

Last but not less, during this tour time our Studio in Florence will be remain open so you can book your visit as always.


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