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October art spread

As we told you in a previous post October was full of events and experiences. Something not new but original our Artist did at the beginning of this month was to attend to a radio program called “Cultour” leaded by Tatiana Ribeiro. A bilingual italian – portoghese emission that speaks about the culture diversity from all over the globe. Tatiana gives voice and invite the artists weather they can come from music, theatre, cinema, photography or painting, such as us, to have their “ON AIR” time to tell the public what they do here in Florence or around the world.

The time spent at Radio 7 was delightful and rich of knowledge and art emotions. The brothers Roberto and Rodolfo explained in a very waste way the Iguarnieri fresco technique, it’s history, the present and the future. The way they applied and think about art and it’s contemporaneity in Florence and the world.

Later this month Tatiana came to our studio and kindly wrote an amazing review we would like to share you all.

“….Florence is the city were the art shows in front of our eyes in every single corner. Since the two hundred until the Macchiaioli is all there, but is it by the Oltrarno that the city reveals in self genuine. The locals that once used to be the taverns, the San Niccolò Tower and the marginal old quarter alleys, all by the river Arno frame, that make us breathe an authentic Florence. It is right there, by the Lungarno Cellini that one of the most fascinating ateliers of Florence is located;  the one of the Guarnieri brothers. Grown in the studio where their father used to work, Roberto and Rodolfo have learned to paint, right there as once was in the antique Florence, where the art was passed from master to “apprentice”, where the great Renaissance ones were formed, artists who now populate the city’s galleries and museums. As soon as we approach the Guarnieri studio we can already see the works displayed on the sidewalk next to the entrance door. A nice invitation, which makes us understand that the doors are open for those who want to know their work. When we enter, we are immediately involved in an atmosphere of creative effervescence. The colors present in the canvases reproduce typical images of a nowadays international Tuscany, like that of the cypresses. The Duomo has its Brunelleschi dome revisited in several bright colors. Even the old fresco technique is re-proposed by the Guarnieri brothers in materials such as wood, something never before imagined by Giotto or Michelangelo. The talent jumps out of every wall of that welcoming studio and above all gives us the certainty that Florence is not just the art of the past. Tourists and Florentines can today, every time more, count on a city that values ​​its past but highlights the value of its contemporary artist. When we leave the studio Guarnieri we are full garnish with art…” Tatiana Ribeiro

Here there are some pics of that lovely radio experience with Tatiana.


interview iguarnieri radio



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