Art Experiences

At the Studio but not only

As you all might know at Iguarnieri we have a lot of different art experiences people and visitors can enjoy. From the sketching first tape, “The hand stretching”, exercises which includes perspective, proportion and composition up to the creation of a single and own artwork in fresco painting or water color in paper. However each experience is also an experience for us, so we interpretate and study each group ahead and set the best and suitable experience for them.

Iguarnieri’s propose is walk along the Master trough a game of lines and simple very easy approaching to the design, color and creative process. In this way you may do not realize but while you absorb the sketching and color bases of the painting in itself  you also get rid of your clothes and prejudgments, shaping you free enough to do ART.

We do emphasis in three main rules to make art “…Here, we have three rules, …. The first rule is that you must be able to enjoy what you do, the time you spend doing it and the things you create. If you’re not smiling when you’re making art, then stop. The second is that nobody is allowed to judge – their own work or the work of anybody else. The third rule is very important: work as little as possible. People overwork and over-plan, but if you work too much, you destroy the art. The key is to turn your brain off and think of nothing…” by Roberto Guarnieri

October its coming to the end and we have been very busy not only painting but hosting at the studio and traveling to bring to our public the best in art.

So in the following image gallery you will see a group sent by the JK Place Florence from US doing a “Work Hard – Play Hard” team building lead by Rob Murgatroyd, podcaster and coach. As well another group from allover US country doing “en Plein Air” water color experience.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!