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Belmond Villa San Michele En Plein Air 2019

Friday 13 September 2019

Just before the autumn arrives under an incredible sunset over the Fiesole hills.

Our Iguarnieri Artist’s were guest of Belmond Villa San Michele, where is currently being held an important exhibition of the Studio Iguarnieri.

Along the best local crafts of the city the Host offered an aperitif time were people and guest could enjoy the local crafts. For our artist was time for a painting en plein air.

The chosen subjects were among others Firenze landscape from the top in a monochrome yellow palette, as well in a similar direction the Brunelleschi’s master piece, the Cupola in a deep red. And for final but not less a blow of poppies, each piece in an unique color, red, green and blue.

We leave you here a photo gallery of that Art Experience together with the paintings finished.





“Florence Yellow Landscape”

Firenze landscape yellow, arte contemporanea

Brunelleschi duomo firenze

“Brunelleschi Duomo Bordeaux”