Villa La Massa Exhibition 2019

Villa La Massa Exhibition 2019

Spring brought a warm fresh air and with it a new chain of opening are starting. One of those is precisely in our beloved Villa La Massa Hotel, Luxury 5 Stars Hotel.

Just outside the Florentine main center, located in Bagno a Ripoli, by the Arno river, Villa la Massa host the Iguarnieri art for more than 5 years now on row.

This time our purpose point for one side, on the Spring Poppies, clear colors and open air impact. A big painting with the primary colors called “Poppies Tricolor” which has on it of course the blue, red and yellow as main characters. Following this line another blue piece of smaller dimensions “Blue Poppies”, always looking for a clean and straight impact of modern and contemporary art.

By the other hand we show two contemporary Florentine interpretations of the Classical, the “Bigallo Antique”, took it from the Madonna della Misericordia (see the article about it on the Blog). This painting is characterized for a velvety in black of bee wax and cracklè effect. Together with this piece a new Santo Spirito Basilica in Orange and Blue. One of the iconic must places to visit in the Florence city at the “Oltrarno”side of the center city.

Accompanying the mentioned arrivals you will find also exhibited two unique operas of the Villa in self, two operas you may already have seen, which briefly remember you were created on place. “Villa La Massa Villa Vecchia” And “Villa La Massa Landscape”, both of them immortalize the beauty and uniqueness of this splendid Luxury complex on our Renaissance timeless “Firenze”.

We hope all the Villa guest and general public enjoy this season exhibition and invite you to learn more about this fantastic exhibition in person, which will be available throughout the summer season of 2019, the Hotel provides free entry to view the exhibition.

Villa La Massa, Via della Massa, 24, 50012 Candeli FI
For more information Tel .: 055 62611
All the operas are available on this site, click HERE and do not miss all the details!
By Sabrina Gaitan


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