brunelleschi dome firenze

From Firenze with love

Hello friends, clients and public from all over the world!

Today we want to share the story of a new painting that found his special place in the world.

We point this one in particular, of many before and ahead, cause represents one of our best seller, the Duomo of Brunelleschi, and because of course is the symbol of the greatest Florence city.

Matteo and Lisa came by the store, and after a very special discussion about desires, beauty and art, they picked this Dome in blu sky for their home in town.

The greatness and the soul of the renaissance enclosed in a contemporary value artwork, which has inside a still present tradition of quality and uniqueness.

As they did with the advices of our artist, Roberto and Rodolfo, in a florentine perfect atmosphere, we wait for you as well, at the studio by the Lungarno Cellini 39, Florence downtown, San Niccolò district. In completely safety and following all the mandatory measures with tons of special and unique art.

However if you are somewhere else far away, we can shorter the distances by making an online appointment with the artist, helping you out to make the best choice. Guaranteeing the shipping as always and happy you keep trusting and investing in our artworks.

Roberto and Rodolfo Guarnieri

All our best in life and art,

From Firenze with love.

Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri