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Siamo ripartiti!
La nostra bottega dopo la pausa e le vacanze di Natale, sta affrontando il 2021 con nuove realizzazioni artistiche a 360°-
Nuove sculture, bass-relief, affreschi, graffitti e pannelli affrescati per i soffitti delle case contemporanee.
Questo è stato possibile grazie ai nostri clienti che da tutto il mondo ci hanno ordinato dei lavori su misura, condividendo con noi il percorso delle scelte relative alla bellezza.

We are back!
Our studio after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays open again their doors, facing this 2021 with new projects at 360°.
New sculptures, bass-relief, fresco paintings, graffiti and new format of fresco panels for the ceilings of contemporary houses.
This is possible thanks to our clients that from all over the world has been supporting us and commissioned exclusive art by measure, sharing with us our process and the concept of Beauty.


Venere Genitrice

Origin – Venus Statue – Greek marble
Venus, goddess of love and beauty, wears a long robe that adheres to the body giving life to a particular wet effect, which characterizes the sculptural tradition from Phidias onwards (late 5th century BC) This type of figure in the age of the Romans had several replicas and is conventionally referred to as the “Louvre – Naples”, from the places where the best replicas are kept. The original piece was probably work of the Greek sculptor Callimaco, one of the most innovative and original exponents among those trained at the school of Phidias.
Iguarnieri chosen this antique and precious sculpture as departure of work. Using the graffito technique on aluminium surface.


brunelleschi dome

campagna toscana