Hello everyone!

Today we come to update you once again about our iGuarnieri artists in the latest events.

In this case we are pleased to announce for another year our collaboration with Villa La Massa Candeli. Located as some of you might already know in Via della Massa, 24, 50012 Candeli FI.

Our paintings will be exhibited in this special, unique and picturesque Villa, the original structure date presumably from the end of 13th century or the beginning of the 14th century. Since today and for the summer season this opening will remain open.

In the exhibition we purpose Firenze in Fresco and graffito technique along a Forest abstract as well in fresco painting technique.

We invite you to take a look to the photo gallery below and we recommend it if you have the opportunity, to visit the show in person.


For more information Tel .: 055 62611

All our best in life and art,
Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri


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