art experience in florence

Art Experience in Florence March 2020

You all know our art experiences, held at the studio in Florence, en plein air and during the Iguarnieri painting tours around the world. Today though in this article we will share you the first team class made on March 1st at the studio for a very special group.

We hosted some very good friends and clients from Florence and their friends, who own a important collection of our works, in an unique art time together in our bottega, Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini 39, Firenze.

Each art class is one of a kind, so was this one, we interpretate our guest and pull out the best they have inside leading their inner artist to do, to “fare arte”.

In this order after some hand exercises, proper of the sketching first tape on our art experiences, jump into the color and composition, ending in a big group collaboration on a fresco painting, all together.

Each one of the attendants had his own opportunity to learn how to design his own work and how to, as well, comunicate with other people in order to create an artwork in fresco painting.

Roberto and Rodolfo leaded this very special class with their Florentine tradition and contemporaneity as always, marking the first art experience of many ahead of this season.

Thanks Amaranto and all the attendants for such a wonderful evening.

Here the images of that day.







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