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2020 – duezeroduezero

Ciao cari amici!

We started this new year full of projects and new art getting ready for all of you and to go all around the world as we have been doing for the past 20 years now.

In this short article we share you two important news of this January twenty twenty.

The first one is the release of a new magazine printed in a limited edition with the Iguarnieri’s painting tours around the world for first, till last a sneak peak into the Florence studio and the activities we do and with our guests too. This book is precious for its contemporaneity and the image composition on each page that tells the stories that our Iguarnieri lived on every place they visited with their art and the people they met. All the images were put into a particular space thought and measured for its reading single and all together. “A picture is worth ten thousand words”.. in this case tons of pictures tells a lot of fun stories! and that’s the way we decided to tell ours.

Here a video if it and soon we will put it available for download as well.

The second news we would like to share, aside all the fresco paintings, is it about a hole new serie of big Graffiti that has recently born.

Maybe the pictures will not be as charming as to see them live but you can appreciate how many different subjects and their game simplicity – concept and light textures they represent, of course always keeping our traditional Florentine in a highlight position.


David contemporary art florence


To know more of each one of them, leave you a shortcut HERE

All our best in life and art,




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