Villa San Michele Exhibition

Villa San Michele Exhibition 2018
This spring, up in the splendid Tuscan hills, precisely at the Villa San Michele, they will host another large exhibition of the Iguarnieri brothers work. This time with almost 20 unique operas, always in the distinguished taste and technique using the particular characteristics of the artists from the Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri.
A wide range of subjects that describe the Florentine world in all its facets, materials and oneiric. With strong colors and a historical foundation. A rich exhibition of contemporaneity.
The paintings will be accompanied this time by a new trend in frames, total black and complete white, in order to highlight the paintings with the highest quality of craftsmanship. These are typical Florentine frames that have been specially customized for this occasion.
In the upper pic you see the majestic “Firenze Sunrise”, of more than 4 meters and a half width by one twenty five length. A master piece that invite to go over the city in a landscape from the most beautiful point of Florence, the Michelangelo’s Piazzale.
A big gamble of this 2018 exhibit go for the Poppies, in blu as you observe in the image above and in different color façades as the white or typical red ones. A special flower that grows in spring all over the glove and of the most nicest colors.
We invite you to learn more about this fantastic manifestation in person, the exhibition will be available throughout the summer season 2018, the hotel provides free entry to view the exhibition.
Belmond Villa San Michele, Fiesole – Via Doccia 4, 50014 Fiesole, FL. For more information Tel.:055 567 8200
All the operas are available on this site, click HERE and do not miss all the details of each of the works of the expo!


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