Villa La Massa Exhibition 2018

Villa La Massa Exhibition 2018
On the outskirts of Florence, on the edge of the Arno river, the Villa la Massa Hotel again hosts an exhibition of the artists from the Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri.

The exhibition includes six operas that represent the Florentine tradition of art and good taste, always accompanied by the distinguished excellence in craftsmanship.

Roberto and Rodolfo present us with a collection of paintings that find a past in great works of masters of antique art such as Botticelli, Paolo Uccello and the city of Florence herself. This exclusive exhibition includes two operas created “on-site”, as we had shared in a previous article of the section “Painting En Plein Air”, the artists of Iguarnieri made two unique frescoes of the Antique Villa and the splendid landscape on the banks of the river Arno.


We invite you to learn more about this fantastic exhibition in person, which will be available throughout the summer season of 2018, the hotel provides free entry to view the exhibition.
Villa La Massa, Via della Massa, 24, 50012 Candeli FI
For more information Tel .: 055 62611
All the operas are available on this site, click HERE and do not miss all the details!
By Sabrina Gaitan

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