Unique portrait in fresco painting

At Iguarnieri you can have also your personal portrait by commission.

Creation and process of an contemporary fresco painting portrait

We depart with an initial photo shooting to establish some references in witch decide the main profile. With that basis keep working on the stronger lines and draw, pulling out the skeleton of the painting. After a process of the images and color interpretation. We do a primary proofs that will being continued treated and modified according to our “12 Caresses Technique “, adding and taking out the parts that aren’t and not represent our character, you.

To do a portrait is for us part of our observations of the world around and the story that any instant has to say.

This is the story of Sasha, who came along with his husband, who wanted to find an unique portrait of his beloved one.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any enquire and any additional information.

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