As The Masters from Renaissance…

Iguarnieri make contemporary art in Florence, working as the old masters, what means: “at the traditional studio”. Mi brother and I with others artist and collaborators we do art operas with antique and modern techniques, for the art lovers as us that love Italian art and beauty. The history, the culture, the experience from the past and our loves, Giotto’s Bottega, Botticelli’s damsels, Modigliani’s nudes, Picasso’s Portraits, Andy Warhol and The Factory, the Turner’s atmosphere, becoming contemporary art.

It all started in 2000 when we made the first exhibition of our of fresco painting works, made in the lab while we kept doing our jobs of furniture and interior architecture. Since then until now for 15 years we worked in small and large operas all over Italy and abroad also by important patrons commission. We have received approval and confirmation from privates and institutions. We have also participated to several painting and sculptures competitions, our winner operas are now permanently in institutional places in Italy and abroad.

Our idea about we do is that could represent in artistic therms the humanity around us, dressing it on the florentine way of doing. The old master’s work is the foundation always of our making art in painting as in sculpture. In our adventure are included all the materials and occasions.

for IGUARNIERI by Roberto Guarnieri