Iguarnieri art exhibition Moscow

March – April, 2007, Moscow, Russia

Running into a new year of abroad exhibition we wanted to tell you about some Iguarnieri history around the world… this time MOSCOW

This Exhibition had place in Moscow year 2007 . The hole experience was sponsored by Sovcomflot Enterprises, whom is an important Iguarnieri art collector.

The two brothers, pioneering unconventional ideas and becoming major influences to Italian contemporary art and the art world. Italian Architect, Roberto Guarnieri and Italian Painter and Ebonist, Rodolfo Guarnieri,. Both of stayed true to their unique inspirations allowing them to create works that transcend time in the art world in an environment completely different than the atelier in Florence.

Guarnieri | Rodolfo

Guarnieri | Roberto











Using the city icons  and characteristic places to bring their architectural and nature style into the contemporary fresco painting. Roberto Guarnieri demonstrated his skill and bridged an art movement into a new space of paint. Rodolfo Guarnieri  pioneered fresco painting and wood specialist, braking the mold of using the standard canvas to create his work. The experience was a full location immerse, for more than 20 days the artist absorbed and created an unique collection that is still now at Sovcomflot building.

Working closely together, sharing a studio space; they influenced each other’s works and providing guidance to one another. The close relationship and influence between these two artists can still be seen today at Sovclomflot, through the works they produced.

Do not miss any detail of that wonderful experience SEE THE VIDEO HERE!!



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