“Fresco Painting en Plein Air” Chapter I Villa San Michele


“All real works of art look as though they were done in joy.”
―Robert Henri

We’ve back from holidays and thought it may be a good idea to share with the people who follow us, the way as an opera comes created. For this, we start a four appointment “fresco en plein air” at splendid locations around Florence. To start, the first of four, we went to visit our friends from Villa San Michele, in Fiesole on September 14. Whom host a large exhibition of Iguarnieri paintings.

Attended to the event the artist Roberto and Rodolfo Guarnieri, Tyler, student from California, who is currently learning the fresco painting technique and me, as always to record all the artist experiences.

Here you may see some of the pics of that especial day in such a particular place of Florence city.


See the live video from that day



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