Florence News!! Six Underground by Iguarnieri

Netflix Films Six Underground in the City of Florence

 A new Netflix film starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Michael Bay taking place in the city of Florence, thus encompassing the entire historical center and the most beautiful perks of the city. Six Underground is based on an original idea from writers and executive producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who scripted the Deadpool films. Up to the rumors in the web it will be based around six billionaires who pretend to die to form a special team that fights crime.

The special Fx team, the crew and all the Hollywood Stars are filming now in all the corners of Florence, and between them of course our lovely Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri. So our the artist decided to portrait this event with and original fresco painting. The motion was also appreciated by the Director, Michael Bay.

Here some gallery pics since the making process till the one with our Director star, Michael Bay.

See the dull video here!!

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6 Underground fresco painting by Iguarnieri.

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