Painting Firenze Landscape Black and White by iguarnieri

Florence Landscape Black and White

Giant Postcard of Florence

“…When different artists work together the energy blows…

So in this one we worked in five, very fast, but with a very precise and focused idea and during that time we shared the best of us.

Florence Landscape is something very traditional of Florence, from the top of the hills, at the Piazzale di Michelangelo, but made it in our way: a contemporary way.

So we choose something that remember the monochrome, makes reference to a black and white picture, but actually it isnt’ cause here there are probably six or seven colors.

This landscape combines all the important monuments of Florence. However the composition is not real, if you take a picture from the Piazzale you will not find this image cause we worked on it, we moved the monuments to arrange the proportions on the painting dimensions.”

This December Florence Black and White, the giant postcard of Florence found his place in the world, here precisely in his city of born, Firenze. We decided to share with you the story of this unique painting.


Roberto Guarnieri, from Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri



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