Art Experience in Florence 2021

Hi Art Lovers!

As many of you readers know, at Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri whenever a customer comes to us looking for something unique we try to create the most remarkable and suitable experience, so the time spent with us is one of a kind.

Some of you has already attended to our art experiences with Iguarnieri, here in Florence or during the painting tours.  Water color, fresco painting, mentoring, workshops and more.

Today we share you this story about a special group that had fun and learned about Florentine way of do.

This family from the north of the country, Milano, did a workshop and team building with Iguarnieri. From the very morning full immersion, followed by a lunch brake and an afternoon fully loaded with colorful frescoes.

We went trough sketching, design, watercolor, getting know the materials, fresco painting and collaborations while creating different paintings.
Thank you guys to have chosen us , we had so much fun and hopefully will meet you soon.
From Firenze to Milano with love and lots of art,

Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri