Firenze, Villa La Massa Exhibition 2021

Firenze, Villa La Massa Exhibition 2021

Hello art lovers!

We are happy to announce the re-opening of another great summer exhibition, at the splendid Villa La Massa .

Villa La Massa this year will host some Iguarnieri frescoes and graffito contemporary latest artworks, framed with the Villa architecture itself , creating a unique atmosphere where you breath the renaissance and Florentine uniqueness.

Just outside the Florentine center, located in Bagno a Ripoli, by the Arno river.

We invite you to take a look to the photo gallery below and if you have the opportunity visit the show in person.


We hope all the Villa guest and general public enjoy this 2021 season exhibition!

Artworks in exhibition

Villa La Massa, Via della Massa, 24, 50012 Candeli FI
For more information Tel .: 055 62611
All our best in life and art,
Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri


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