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Today we want to share a new collaboration we’re doing with a special project.

We created a unique artwork for a SHORT FILM, yes indeed! The Septième art is landing in Iguarnieri!

This is a particular project leaded by a young filmmaker, Rodolfo  Guarnieri’s daughter, Vivian Guarnieri, raised in an artistic environment and recently graduated in Digital Film Production and Screenwriting in UK . This will be her “opera prima” and we decided to make a one of a kind painting to support her project and be part of this amazing new film.

“Come, Serendipity”

This is the title of the short film and we’ll tell you a bit about it,

“…The story is set in Florence, my home town and takes place in a villa that has belonged to my family for many years. It is a very special place on the Chianti hills, which we are now sadly giving away.

Through this film, I want to convey all the emotions and traditions that make this place special. The film is a snapshot, a painting that outlines life in all its facets, good and evil, and evokes the world of farmers and the conditions of small businesses who are now disappearing.

It is not only a story about love but it is most importantly a film about happiness, life, and the importance of having a place to return to…” Vivian Guarnieri.

vivian guarnieri



Francesco is a Florentine boy who has lived his entire life in Tuscany, helping his parents manage the family business. His dream is to go abroad to study cinema but his desire for security and the fear of failure prevents him from pursuing this goal.

On a summer day, Raquel, an American girl in remission from cancer, arrives at Francesco’s villa in Chianti. She still struggles with nightmares and fears that haunt her after her ordeal with death. In this picturesque setting, Raquel and Francesco begin to get to know each other and feel a mutual interest that allows them to acquire a broader view of life and understand what happiness really is all about.

For this project Iguarnieri artists have created an original painting to be the official poster of the film and support the fundraising of it.


The painting is made in fresco painting technique on wood surface, refined with Gold leaf details and an inner Gold passepartout. The artwork was done with the aim to support the film in reaching the budget, with the funds raised from its selling with our partnership. By acquiring this unique artwork, you will be featured in the credits of the film as an executive producer and will receive a digital copy of the film before the release.



You can also follow the FILM platforms and know more details about it as well as its development in the following links:




So for any other info about it, do not hesitate to stay in touch with us!

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Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri.

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