Art works

``I paint things as they are. I don't comment...`` Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Fresco Paintings

fresco technique on wood surface
duomo dettaglio firenze
art in wood

Sculptures & Bas-relief

The tridimensional operas are made in several various materials and technologies.

Wood, marble, stone, granite, metals/precious metals, in plate or fusion, gypsum, clay or terracotta, plastic materials, resins and polymeric. Traditional handmade work, mechanics to numeric control.

Te language chosen for sculptures by the workshop is marked by a careful, shrewd, sophisticated reinterpretation of ancient and contemporary iconoclastic, the simplicity of the forms and the essentiality of signs, distinguish our labor. Sculptural large scale complex, small table’s sculptures, temporary and permanent installations are made in Italian localities.

Daily art

Books & Prints

Following this section you will find the complete serie of printed Catalogue editions of our Art Gallery Studio.

All of them are free and available to download.

We hope to share only the best with our audience.


art book

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