At iguarnieri you can live and be part of the experience. A few different options to make art in Florence are waiting for you.

Water Color Experience


The class is divided in two moments, start with a few sketch, to acclimatize and practice perspective, fluidity, composition and creativity.

The second part continue with water colors. We do a few postcards, the students pick subjects related with the space, could be a landscape or a detail and try to replicate them.

We work on the tables, cause is better and easier. 

The 12 caresses technique explanation and execution

Fresco painting

Fresco painting technique on wood surface.

The class begins with the fresco painting history and introduction. Following with exercises of  composition and planning of an opera. The plaster using on the wood surface and how to do a flat surface to work on. Following, the incision and quick time execution work of the coloring part, before our main material gets dry. The craclè effect and how to reach it. The wax and other finishing caresses to the opera .

Creation of an own opera under the guidance of an Iguarnieri Master.
Materials and instruments provided.


Master Class

a workshop intense art experience in Florence

This is an special art experience based in a three hour class which englobes the sketching, water color and fresco painting. In a way that allows the student walk trough the fresco painting from the beginning. The lesson will be divided in three times: the sketching, design and composition. The different painting colors used in our studio, the approaching to a first water color opera and execution. The fresco painting tape, the plaster and surface making. The incision and painting of an opera.
The class is guided for one of the Iguarnieri Masters all the time, materials are included.
This type of experience requires a minimum of participant. Do not hesitate to contact us for your MASTER CLASS!!

All day experience

A Day with the Master

In a real Bottega fiorentina, following the artist Roberto Guarnieri, you will have an unique experience. Handling specific materials and antique techniques to make a contemporary artwork.
The master will share and lead you all the way, form the basic sketch and the painting.
At lunch time traditional florentine food at the San Niccolo’s doors. The afternoon will continue with a visit to historical locations to study the ancient frescoes and sculptures. To finish and frame the wonderful day we propose an “aperitif” drink at the locals way.

Short fully experience

Private Demonstration

This experience focus in a not longer than 2 hours visit to the studio, our traditional and special “Bottega. This particular experience offers to the visitors the opportunity to know and see the “12 Caresses Technique” application and the live creation of a contemporary artwork. Written material is included. This demonstration is available for groups of a minimum quantity of persons. Prices upon request.

“…They have created new objects which belong to Art… with the desire to go against all the subjectivity prevalent in the so said the artist… …to establish the ancient history of the local craftsman in his workshop. This is the real way to work, a place where he who has the best idea dominates… it is a great familiar and political statement…”

Pierluigi Listri, storico dell’arte.