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Art Experiences in Florence

At iguarnieri you can live and be part of the experience. A few different options to make art in Florence are waiting for you.
art class in florence

Fresco painting technique on wood surface.

History and introduction. Sketching, composition and creative exercises with and without color. Fresco painting technique on wood surface. The caresses of surface, incision, color.  Creation of his own artwork under the guidance of a Iguarnieri Master. Materials included. Ask for details and quotations.

water color

Water color painting technique on paper.

Sketching. Exercises of fluidity, composition and creativity. Watercolor, the color and the application. Practical exercises with Florentine subjects, landscapes, flowers, objects and Iguarnieri subjects related. Materials included. Ask for details and quotations.


Private Demonstration

Short fully immersion. This experience duration is about one hour approx. Weather on site at our traditional “Bottega” or it in a specific place. The Iguarnieri artists will create live and explain their technique. Historical background. Written and digital material are included. Ask for details and quotations.

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A Day with the Master

In a real Bottega Fiorentina, following the artist, you will have a unique experience of a day with the Master. Work in the Bottega, the use of specific materials and antique techniques to do contemporary artworks. The artist will share his way to project, sketch, paint and execute an artwork. Lunch time in a traditional Florentine trattoria. Visit to historical locations to study the ancient frescoes, sculptures and Florentine art history. Materials and lunch included. Ask for details and quotations.

“…They have created new objects which belong to Art… with the desire to go against all the subjectivity prevalent in the so said the artist… …to establish the ancient history of the local craftsman in his workshop. This is the real way to work, a place where he who has the best idea dominates… it is a great familiar and political statement…”

Pierluigi Listri, storico dell’arte.